Thursday, July 22, 2010

creating in the sun

Its a frosty frosty Canberra morning. For reasons I can't explain we are ready for work and school an hour early. Which leaves time for some more rows of the Springtime Bandit shawl sitting in the morning sun by my front window.

I am planning to give this shawl to my sister tomorrow when I visit her in Sydney.


I didn't make her first haematologist appointment but hopefully want to make the second, which is next week (btw it looks like she will be accepted for a stem cell transplant which is very good news) .

Once again I may not be too realistic with my deadlines.

Hope your creative space is sunny too. For more head over here.


Michelle said...

Beautiful! I envy you with your sunny red chair.

Hope your sis' appointment goes well!

Anonymous said...

how gorgeous and I'm sure it will be finished, hugs to your sister too xx ps I do love your chair what a lovely spot to sit

Anna said...

Good luck with your deadline! I hope her appointment goes well and that you get to finish it on time!

anka said...

Your chair looks beautiful in the crisp morning light!
Good luck and all the best to your sister!

dash robin said...

Mmm, this space looks so cozy and comforting, great shawl making chair! I hope some of the contentment found in the making of the shawl somehow flows through to your sister and eases her wishes for you and her!

Bec said...

That looks like the most divine spot to sit, contemplate, knit, chat - wow! Hope all goes well with your sister and that by the end of the day she is wrapped in your love and hugs via the shawl.