Wednesday, July 14, 2010


we had a most wonderful holiday

There was bushwalking, kayaking, swimming,
treasure hunting, rock hopping,
sewing, lego creations, reading, snuggling, baking,
knitting and drawing.

And,of course, there was a toy society drop to arrange.

But rather than just making one little owl for the drop everyone had to have one to keep too! Everyone got busy,especially mothers.

Can you guess which one belongs to the pirate?

The cute one on the right was our drop. We left little owl outside the Currarong shops at the end of the holiday. I wonder who found him.


Michelle said...

Welcome back! Glad you had a wonderful time. I'm very jealous that you got to spend some wintertime down the coast. Lovely.

The owls are incredibly cute! Hoepfully someone confesses to being an owly-owner soon.

I have something for the Pirate - but only for if he's been good and not grounded anymore ;-). Got it ages ago (and now I just have to fin out where I put it)/

Gina said...

Dang those owlies are cute! Your holiday sounds wonderful.

Sarah said...

Hurrah for happy holidays and twit twoo at the wonderful owls

Leonie said...

Fabulous little owls, so fun that the kids could decorate theirs as well.

Welcome back from what sounds like a perfect little holiday :-)

Taylor Made said...

I have just read about your toy drop....I love the idea and will look into it for ourselves thanks for sharing. Yours are just lovely.