Thursday, July 1, 2010

creative hug

In my last post I wrote a little about my sister's battle with MS. I want to say thank you for the lovely comments. I thought I would let you know that the good news is that she does not need to find a suitable donor, that they use her own stem cells. It is an amazing things isn't it?

We won't talk about how they do it though - that bit isn't so impressive.

I asked for some suggestions on a shawl for her - and now have some great shawls in my queue! It was so hard to choose - eventually I settled on the springtime bandit.

Except, I couldn't work out how to start it.

I scanned the internet for clues and even met a knitting friend for coffee. Working together it still made no sense. I tried to fudge it.

It didn't work - see?

The peak is more like a bite. I got a few inches in and found another mistake and this settled it. I realised I needed to make this shawl with love and mindfulness and not take my usual approach of ignoring mistakes and pretending not to be bothered by them. I took it apart and went back to the research stage.

I took another hour or so looking at lots of cast ons and finally found what I needed. It wasn't quite the deal but made enough sense to help me find my way. I am much, much happier with the result.

This is such a beautiful and quick knit, and I know will be perfect. I just want to finish it before the 13th, when my sister has her appointment with the Haematologist. Whether she proceeds with the transplant or not I think she will be needing a warm wool hug from her big sister to keep close.

for more creativity head over here.


Michelle said...

Beautiful shawl! I was the same with Tash's shawl when I made it - I needed to love the pattern and I didn't, so I swapped over and everyone was happier in the end, i think!

Hope the way forward for your sister is not too hard.

Rose Red said...

I am about halfway through one of these too, but can't remember how I started it!

Gorgeous colour! I'm sure you will get it done!

Anonymous said...

glad you got it sorted. It really bugged me that we couldn't work it out and I can't for the life of me remember how I got around it. I felt pretty useless when I was trying to help you!

dillpickle said...

It looks like it will be really lovely. I'm sure your sister will appreciate it a lot!

Sarah said...

Oh so lovely in that gorgeous wool.