Friday, June 18, 2010

getting by

I posted recently on the virtues of frugal comfort. This fortnight some things popped up which meant my income dropped by 30% and I suddenly found I had live totally by those ideals.

The really frightening thing is that it has been possible. I couldn't sustain it for a long time, cause that means not enough wine!, but I could definitely manage it much more often than I have been.

And it has come at one of my peak birthday gift times. Which is rather good as it has given me the opportunity to practice my handmade pledge using all kinds of things from the stash.

firstly I made the pinni for Edie

Then the 2 days, which turned into 2 week, scarf for Jo

and yesterday the handwarmers for Karen

And now for the details.

The Pinni is taken from the wonderful 'Absolutetly A-line' book. It is a little shorter than planned, which happens when you are using left overs.

The scarf for Jo was knitted using Cascade Heritage Yarns -a totally divine soft yarn.
The pattern is a simple one I made up. I like the body of it, but the edges are very wonky, even after blocking, and it hasn't held any shape at all. In fact blocking for two days seems to have been a complete waste of time. But having said that I think it will be lovely to wear.

The pattern is
1st row k*yo, k2tog* repeat to end
2nd row Purl
continue with row one and two till it is long enough. Though I threw in an additional purl row a couple of repeats in at either end for effect. I am wondering if I had a k2 at either end I might have ended up with something more stable, or if I had used smaller needles, or....? Any suggestions are very welcome.

Finally the handwarmers are the easiest thing I have ever made and look totally lovely. They are made from Bendigo Rustic 8 ply in Red Currant - an old favourite. Pattern can be found here.

I really want to make so many more things than handwarmers to comfort my lovely sister. I may have mentioned before she has MS. This week she found out that it is worsening even with the wonder drugs she has been on. So now her only option for keeping or improving her mobility, and keeping out of a wheelchair in the next short while, is a bone marrow transplant. We are all scared. I have this need to make her shawls and wraps and things to snuggle into. I would love some suggestions for easy but beautiful ones I can complete in weeks rather than months.


Michelle said...

I'm sorry to hear about your sister's MS. That's just horrible news. Here's hoping a suitable bone marrow donor can be found and that the treatment works for her.

As for patterns for shawls and wraps, I can recommend about a hundred crocheted ones to you! I do have a clapotis though, made by mum, and it's the coziest wrap I have. I think it only took her a week or so to make, too.

Bugger about the drop in income. It's about to happen to me too. Frugality can be very useful in times like these! Personally I'm looking forward to thinking a lot more practically about what I spend and make. Plus my stash of all things is just ridiculous.

Rose Red said...

I'm sorry about your sister's MS getting worse, I hoe a bone marrow match can be found easily.

Some quick knitted shawl patterns include the Feather and Fan Comfort Shawl, many of Stephen West's patterns (eg Herbivore), Springtime Bandit, Shetland Triangle - all of those especially if done in 8ply yarn, which is lovely and warm.

Sarah said...

So sorry to hear about your sister, wishing her and your family much strength - and knitted comfort sounds like the way forward for both the knitter and the knittee. I second Rose Red's suggestion of Springtime Bandit - this version in Manos Silk Blend is so beautiful and cosy:

Leonie said...

You have been very clever with your knitting. Sorry to hear about your sister's MS, that's a real shame. I hope there is a suitable match available for her and soon.

Anna said...

So sorry to hear about your sister's MS - I hope she gets a match soon. I don't have any more shawl suggestions other than the great ones already posted. Love your handmade gifts though.