Sunday, June 13, 2010

dreamy sunday

On a beautiful frosty and brilliantly sunny Sunday morning
the pirate is away visiting his first mate
the 2 day scarf is finally ready to cast off
blogs are being read
tea is being drunk
my house is being tended to
with cleaning and washing and painting
my soul is being tended to
with meditation and gardening and then
a whole evening and morning alone with my beautiful partner

I am satisfied


twitchy fingers said...

Sounds like bliss! Enjoy!

Jodie said...

enjoy every minute - it sounds beautiful.

Michelle said...


Bless ...

Grand Purl Baa said...

My. You DO sound content.


Leonie said...

Gorgeous. How perfect :-)

Sarah said...

Such beautiful words - I must go and tend my soul - thank you!

Also so glad to be an enabler when it comes to the Sublime - I'm debating the Double V Cardigan from Interweave for it