Friday, May 21, 2010


Now I know it isn't complicated, or radical or completely amazing, but I made up a pattern and I am feeling a little pleased with myself.

You see, I had a dilemma. My sister suggested at 9pm last night that I make her partner a scarf as a 40th birthday present. I wish I had thought of this sooner. The party is tomorrow.

Then I had a yarn crisis - I just don't have anything at all in a colour that will suit.


So I put in an emergency call to my friend just around the corner. She has a magnificent stash. Lucky for me we are both home sick with a cold - perfect for stash raiding and knitting. We greeted each other in beanies and woollens this morning, looking not very glam at all. But she did have the perfect yarn.

It is a Cascade Heritage sock yarn in colour 9872.

Now for the pattern. I only recently made a scarf that would have perfect, but this was for someone special and has already gone. Making another scarf in similar shades with a similarly easy and simple pattern didn't sound like much fun. And repeating a pattern feels a little impersonal. So I decided to waste time and devise a different pattern based on a scarf a friend bought.

I will let you know how it goes. I particularly like the bottom - which was a mistake to begin with. I just have to work out exactly how I managed it when I get to the other end. I estimate I have at least 10 hours of knitting time and only 3 hours till school pick up, a couple of hours tonight when kids are settled and then, provided I can convince someone to drive, 3 hours in the car to Sydney tomorrow.

I had better get off the computer and back to it!


Michelle said...

Are you kidding me? You got that wound and cast on pretty quick! And a design-as-you-go too? Good grief woman - how more amazing must you be when you are WELL!!

I'm still wearing my beanie. Maybe it's time to have a nice hot shower ...

Hope you have a great weekend! And feel better soon.

Olivia said...

that sounds like quite a challenge. But considering your progress already, I wouldn't bet against you! I like the pattern, it looks a bit like a fishnet pattern.

Sarah said...

I think the cold is giving you super powers :) Love that pattern

Leonie said...

Good luck for the completion of the scarf on time. It looks very interesting so far.

Bells said...

ooh yes. I like it! A lot! More details when you're ready please!