Monday, May 17, 2010

a celebration of wool

Yesterday was the yearly celebration of wool day at the Old Bus Depot Markets in Canberra, which you probably already know. It is the first time I have made it along, I think. I did make it to another woolly thing there but don't think it was quite the same event.

What made it so special was the chance to go and hang out with one of my best friends for a couple of hours without boys. We have 4 young boys between us (2-7), and while they are gorgeous, they do not go well with wool days at the markets. Or any markets for that matter. Last time we went near a market we lost one of them for quite some time.

I went in with an agenda. I was planning to not make any impulse purchases and to only buy something for a Featherweight cardigan. I found just the thing at the first stall I visited. But then had to check out the rest before making a purchase. Worried? I had this little pit of anxiety the whole time that the first thing would be the thing and by the time I got back there it would be long gone.

Luckily it wasn't.

Still waiting for me were three skeins of lovely Glenora Weaving's possum, merino and silk blend in the most sumptuous red. I have never used possum before so I am looking forward to trying it an awful lot.

I did end up with an impulse buy. But a rather good one. I bought some very beautiful skeins from the best local dyer . One of our local snb and spinning group folks, Carrie, also held a stall with my lovely friend from Buttontree Lane.

It was a good impulse buy - I know exactly what they are both for it feels good to be able to support the amazing Carrie.


dillpickle said...

Possum is apparently a really warm fibre so should be perfect for canberra!! You were very restrained, but golly, you picked up some lovely stuff!

Anonymous said...

oh very good choices! The possum! I admired that very much. Lovely.

And yes Carrie's dye work is so great!

Michelle said...

I have the same red possum/silk/merino! But it makes me wheeze! Oh the things we do for yummy yarn.

I loved those skeins you bought from Carrie. Just beautiful. And I just know the recipient will love whatever you make them.

Thanks for coming by and being so lovely. And thanks again for the loan of the table. Shame I got to leave it at home in the mad rush to leave in the morning, but in the end we had an abundance of car tables thanks to Carrie's mum. I'll drop it over for you tonight.

Rose Red said...

mmmmmm, you made excellent purchases! very envious!

Kuka said...

oooh those are gorgeous!!
I picked up two skeins from Carrie too - it was just too pretty to leave behind!

Anonymous said...

hmm yummy! very nice choices! i made a cardigan out of possum/merino and it didnt like water very much, ie it shrank, but it might have been too heavy on the possum. im sure youll be fine, its gorgeous!

Sarah said...

Ooh those colours are so vibrant - how lovely all the skeins are. I love the red in particular, looks like it will make a fab cardi