Tuesday, April 20, 2010


I am working on being much more diligent this year with the handmade pledge and gifting. This month is a busy one with both of my nieces having birthdays.

The first is the lovely Anouk who has just turned 8. I love that she appreciates a handmade gift so much. I love that she gets it and treasures it more than some piece of plastic all new and shiny. This birthday I pondered what to make for some time and finally settled on a case for her iPod.

It is made from a felted op shop jumper, wool felt bought at the stitches and craft fair last year and a piece of fabric hanging about. I love that it didn't cost me a cent to make and that it turned out rather well if you ignore my inability to stitch neatly.


Kuka said...

this is lovely! that button is so cute! =)

Michelle said...

Such a cute little pouch! I love everything about it, and I'm sure your niece will too.

Sarah said...

A very cute gift