Monday, May 24, 2010

frugal comfort

I once heard an expression of a way to live. It was about the past but it is something I aspire to. Frugal comfort. Now we would call it a sustainable lifestyle. For me it comes with images of warm fires, wholesome simple meals, friends, family, home and, especially, making do.

In the spirit of frugal comfort I have been on an unofficial and rather healthy break from buying sewing supplies. This has meant working through the stash of fabric and finishing off some long overdue projects, instead of spending all my spare time and and money shopping for supplies and not actually getting to the projects themselves. The pile of fabric is going down. It is a nice thing to behold.

So what have I been making? this past couple of weeks a bag for a gift from a felted opp shop jumper. I love making things from felted jumpers, but the right ones are very hard to come by.

And my new favourite cord pants, in what has become my favourite pants pattern. The cord has been hanging about for years waiting for me to get to it. I love the wide legs and making use of scraps of other fabric as a contrast (which was not only nice but necessary when I didn't have enough red cord). I have had them only 2 weeks and worn them just about all weekend for both weeks.

Now I am onto my first quilt using an old sheet, stash fabric and a vintage chenille bedspread. More on that later.

And about the scarf. I was still sick and didn't make it to Sydney, developed knitter's forearm and took a break. I am still only about 30% done, shamefully. Luckily I have a couple of weeks before the next visit to finish it off.


Michelle said...

I love the idea of frigal comfort. A much nicer term (and concept) athan sustainability, I think. The felted bag is wonderful - looks so roomy and soft. I like the addition of the cotton patch pockets (and in my favourite Echino pig print!)

Love those pants! And they're red cords! Nice! Which pattern are you using?

Suzanne said...

I do love the idea of frugal comfort, and to add my two cents, quilts are fantastic! Not only can use up your scraps, but you can create something nostalgic without having to buy a bunch of new fabric.

A few years ago, my mom and I gathered up my old t-shirts that weren't wearable anymore but had meaning for me - ones from events I attended, from my college, etc. We cut squares with the relevant images/words and included them in a quilt. I know have a "quilt of memories," and every time I use it, I'm reminded of fun times!

Sarah said...

Ah having just posted about all my yarn buying of late I think it's timely for me to get the frugal comfort things going on here!