Friday, February 19, 2010

the search ends

I have invested so much time in the great cardigan hunt.

It has been so frustrating. But I think I now know what I want.

Sort of.

I am quite keen for something with a collar. Either fitted or swinging. Can't decide. It has to be able to cope with the country silk that is in skeins all over my lounge room, waiting.

I got a bit excited about this.

It isn't too bad at all in a librarian kind of way (no offence Jodie!). I could change the collar to make it a bit more my style. I quite like the shaping and the detail along the bottom. It is Jo Sharp's Essential.

Then I looked at the pattern - would you believe it only goes up to a 95cm bust! I have my Grandma Ethel's bust line and I will only say it is substantially more than a waif like 95cm. I'm not at all interested in trying to resize this pattern at the moment. So I am back to the 'other option'.

The 'other option' will be a dull knit - that is the only thing holding me back.

But it will look pretty fine in deep green and I think it might just suit me.

And I do love a big luscious button.

This one has the enticing and romantic name 'Jacket with collar and set in sleeves'. Makes you just want to rush out and make one doesn't it?

Thanks for the suggestions - it did help me work out what I was attracted to.


Kuka said...

I think, despite the name ;o), that the second one looks really nice - I like the big button too, and it looks like it has a realy good collar on it!
You could always do a seed stitch kind of pattern around the bottom like the jo sharp one has?

Sarah said...

Oh yes - I loves me a cardi with collar - and the second pattern is just a bit lacking in wonderful name and exciting photo - the actual knit is lovely - hope you go for it and have fun

Michelle said...

I love anything swingy and with a big button, so I think you have picked well!

DrK said...

yes shame about the name, but definitely an excellent choice, and in a nice green would be great. and 95cms as the biggest size? um hello!