Wednesday, February 17, 2010

frogs and leeches

On the weekend some friends joined the pirate and I for a night at Bundanoon in the Southern Highlands.

We stayed at the magical Bundanoon YHA . It has all kinds of fun things - including a climbing wall and a ping pong table. This was good because, as many may know, it rained a lot in this part of the world on the weekend. It rained an awful lot in Bundanoon.

Still we managed to get in some walking in Morton National Park, tadpole spotting and puddle jumping.

Bundanoon is famous for its Glow Worm Glen. It is a walk down down down into a little gorge filled with sparkling glow worms. Of course you can only see glow worms in the dark so it is even more fun. It bucketed down and the pirate was thinking it was fun at all and especially not relishing the walk back up the long track to the car. But we spotted a frog, and another and before we knew it we had seen quite a few and were at the top of the walk.

And the absolute highlight for the little people was gettting back to the hostel and discovering leeches on our legs and feet.

How awful, how gross, how ' I .think .I .am .going .to .have. a. complete. freak .out', but add salt and it becomes, how interesting!

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Michelle said...

One of my favourite memories is seeing the Glow worms at Bundanoon. It's just so magical.

Not so much the leeches though. Ew! I think I had my fair share of them during uni geography camps up in NQ!