Tuesday, February 16, 2010

first you need the tools

The lovely Canberra snb are having a cardi knit a long. Its a good opportunity to make another other cardi. It is a good opportunity to enhance the stash.

If you haven't been working really hard to save some money.

And I have enough stashed away for two caridgans.

But both stashes were bought because they were a bargain, not because they sang.

In fact neither gets me too excited.

The problem has been solved through a little colour work to the Cleckheaton Country Silk.

I tried to cheat first - and was reminded of one of those life lessons that things should be done well - not half-arsed.

What should have been a one hour project ended up taking almost all day. But then I did it a better way.

But now I have some really nice yarn.

Except I have spent hours on Ravelry and can't find something I want to wear that will work with the yarn.


I can't face knitting something I can't anticipate loving. Could you?


Rose Red said...

Oh, the colour is so much better, great job!

But I find if I'm not feeling the love for a knit, it never gets done. Or I hate every minute of the knitting.

Anonymous said...

oh you do! That's IS Very nice yarn. Well done !

Jodie said...

I don't speak knitting but right now am trying to come to grips with a sewing project I don't love...and I want to scream...
Hang on and find something you love - its not worth the angst

Leonie said...

The new green is sooo much better than the old. Infinitely more wearable. I am partial to Lorelai (www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/lorelei-5). Best Wishes for finding something suitable that gives you the right zing!

Michelle said...

You have to love the idea of wearing it, and you have to love making it! I started swatching with a revolting yarn on Sunday afternoon, and it drove me buts. So I not only changed yarn, but pattern as well and now I'm much, much happier with my choice.

That new yarn colour is so lovely! It will really suit you.

Michelle said...

Yeah ... nuts, not buts!!!

Sarah said...

Oh you made the yarn BEAUTIFUL - and I hope you find a great pattern for it - do you think the problem is that you have something in mind you can't find? If so maybe you can find a simple pattern as the base and customise it?