Wednesday, February 24, 2010


I think I my have mentioned this before, but late last year I undertook a course in Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction. I didn't really appreciate it at the time, in fact, if I am completely honest, I came away a little disappointed. I expected a shift within me. In reality I felt exactly the same.

But the shift has come afterall. Not through being guided through a course, being diligent, doing my homework and talking about it to others.

It has come through making a commitment to practice and treat myself with compassion weeks after the course has finished. I have started over and I like where it is taking me. Between this and my decision to improve my health so I can live till I am 90 I am feeling pretty amazing and happy.

And life is returning this with more connections, more energy, more joy and fun.

Now I have made a commitment to practice 4 times a week, next week I hope to make it 5 and finally have it become part of my every morning.

Unfortunately this means not sitting up watching the box and knitting till 11.30. Some habits will be hard to break. But do you know in the US they have mindful knitting retreats? If I can find one here life will indeed be perfect.


Michelle said...

I think it's a worthwhile habit to get into, even if it means less knitting.

donna said...

Why not start your own mindful knitting retreat? We don't have nearly enough knitting gatherings here and if you want it then others will too. How does the quote go: Build it and they will come?

twitchy fingers said...

Ditto to what Donna said - and I'll help you build it! I'm a big fan of mindfullness. Glad its working out for you!

Gina said...

Well I'm glad to hear that you've embraced a positive treatment in a way that is helping you. I too have been/am a sufferer of various mental illnesses (although haven't been plagued for some time) and I feel like there are just points in time where you are more receptive to concepts and can take them on board. That's what I've found with CBT which incorporates some of the mindfulness concepts... anyway, wishing you the best, and embrace the earlier nights! The knitting will still be there.

Anonymous said...

i'm in the early days of working on mindfulness. I think it's a rich experience, or will be, when I am better at it. No self-judgement, just trying to learn.

I'm glad you've found a way to make it work for you!

Sarah said...

Sounds like a lot of the ideas I'm getting to grips with - well done you :)

DrK said...

its funny isnt it how we have to practice something that really should just come naturally, but the world we live in seems to depend on us being unmindful! i love knitting for just this reason. and im with donna!

camilyn said...


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Mano said...


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