Sunday, August 31, 2008

It is raining

lovely rain. everything looks fresh in the garden, except the chooks, washing and dogs. It hasn't rained in a while so I am very glad to see a wet deck this morning.

Of course the pirate is feeling better today and we have another party to go to. I wonder how the parents will cope with lots of 4-5 yr old boys inside the house being star wars characters? I can only say I am glad it is not here!

check out the costume - the ski gloves top it off I think.

And for the first time in my life I blocked something. I don't actually know anyone who has done this before so spent a bit of time doing my net research. I have opted for the pin and spray with water method as it is mostly mohair with a little acrylic (wish I had read the label properly before I started knitting the thing - I hate using acrylic). The cardigan is too short afterall and so I am hoping this will solve that issue. Am I being too hopeful?


Bells said...

it's fabulous to see the rain isn't it? I wish it was a little heavier, but it's nice all the same.

Welcome to blocking! It'll change your life, I'm sure!

Michelle said...

Hi! Good work on the blocking! I don't tend to go overboard with mine, as it's crochet and usually a steam block will do it.

I love the toadstools in your garden ;-)