Monday, September 1, 2008

my new sunny boy

isn't she cute? - and so wonderfully, wonderfully red. Quilting Mick makes things you just have to love to bits. I have filled it with my odds and sods and already feel like my red sunny boy will be with me for a long time.

and I dropped by The Front cafe at Lyneham shops today while waiting for a script at the chemist (the pirate has a throat infection) and found this magnificent exhibition filling the gallery space. I just love artwork that is lots of bits that make up the whole and this one is made up of tags with portrait sketches with copies of brain scans on the back and is by Victoria Lees. The pirate was impressed and even managed to not destroy it with the light saber.

and for information -the blocking went very well and I am a convert. It looks like the cardigan will even be wearable - you will probably have an idea of how much of a relief that is.


Bells said...

yay for sunnyboys! QM is really very talented isn't she?

Beautiful display too. I should go and look there more often.

Michelle said...

I'll have to head to the Front soon and have a look. Last time I went (a couple of weeks ago, I think?) they had a different exhibition (also amazing).

I'm so glad we caught each other! It was a lovely walk that day. So happy you love the sunnyboy. They are a happy kind of bag.

Georgie said...

Must get to check out that exhibition, it looks really interesting.

Gope the pirate's throat is better soon....for all your sakes!