Saturday, August 30, 2008

Beret & Star Wars

We were to be going to a Star Wars birthday party this afternoon but the pirate is sick. We have been snuggling up on the lounge watching Star Wars instead - and I had a chance to finish Carmel's beret. It looks kinda cute don't you think? Though not very beret like - the pattern said beret and I followed the pattern quite carefully - I think it is more fez than beret. A cute fez, but a fez.

And instead of wearing his costume to the party the pirate set it out on the floor - I particularly love the arms!

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Bells said...

i watched Star Wars yesterday too! How funny. We woke up really early, unable to go back to sleep, so got up and watched it - first time in 20 years for me.

Hope the Pirate feels better soon.