Friday, August 15, 2008

fluffy cardigan

being home sick is a wonderful excuse to sit around and knit and set up a blog. I have been trying to finish off my first adult sized cardigan. Of course I have mostly ignored the pattern I found because it wasn't quite what I wanted, and the closer it is to finishing the more nervous I get.

I think it looks way too short each time I take it out - but then I am way too short too and I hold it up to myself and it is just fine - am I really that short?

Then there are the mistakes... I have to pull one of the front panels back because I knitted that bit while on holidays chatting and drinking too much red wine and it is about 4cm longer than the others! 4 whole cm. And there is the mistake in the sleeve cuff. I had been quite proud of my cuffs but see the photos below and spot the difference.

There is no way on earth I am pulling it apart.

just the collar and some sort of edging to go - The collar is a huge affair - about 24cm wide and I can't make up my mind what do do both the trim and collar in. I am almost out of the lovely rust brown so my first preference is out of the question. I might need to experiment a little. it is a lovely day for it, all sunny and whispy with cool breezes.

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