Sunday, August 17, 2008

the magic hint of spring

before it is rudely pulled out from under us for another two months, led me to do foolish things in the garden today. I had visitors for the weekend and party for my birthday yesterday so it has been a very busy, social couple of days. My visitors left and then the pirate was invited on a walk up Mt Taylor. I was alone. sweet sweet alone.

Before the pirate was out of sight I was in the backyard and working on making the vegie garden fence. The dogs don't appreciate the need to keep out of a vegie patch so a fence had to be built. I was halfway through before a power tool crisis stopped work. Devestation. It was all looking so productive, and so promising and I want a vegie garden. NOW. I bought this house a year ago and a year is too long to be without a good vegie patch.

so I planted seeds. beautiful nastursiums and snap peas. I know, I know - way too soon and it will surely end in tears, but the sun was warm and the birds charmed me. Who knows, they might actually grow and then survive a frost or 10.

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Anonymous said...

Are you sure that fence is high enough for dog No.2