Monday, April 12, 2010

another weekend

It may seem that all my posts these days are about weekend adventures and not a lot of making things. We do seem to be having more than our share of weekends away, so much so that I am looking forward to the coming weekend at home with relief.

There are reasons for the lack of project progress, well several really. Of course, all the weekends away aren't helping.
Some stealth knitting is taking up most of my creative time, but I finished this on the weekend and should be able to show and tell in the next couple of days. It has turned out rather nicely.
The cardigan of the dreadful name isn't helping things. I started it as part of the knit-a-long we are having here in Canberra, but it is tedious and I keep finding other things to be doing that are much more fun. I am only about 10cm into the back and that is it. Totally it. I will say that after some initial concerns about the yarn it is coming up a treat and will make a beautiful cardigan. I just wish it was more fun to knit and I was an XS, rather than somewhat larger, to make the knitting shorter.
And I do have to admit I have been more than a bit preoccupied with a new relationship which puts making stuff to the side a little, in the nicest possible way.

So for now you get a shot of the weekend activity. The pirate has been deposited with the first mate in the blue mountains for a few days of the school holidays. We managed to fit in a bushwalk before I headed back down the highway to my very quiet house. This was the view on the walk. Not bad is it?


Michelle said...

It feels like all I ever write about these days are my weekends away. That'll teach me. Another day out of town this weekend, and then I'm hoping that's it for at least a fortnight. I'm so tired of the travel! i want to sit on my bum and just sew and sew and crochet. That's not too much to ask, is it?

Love that photo. Hope you enjoy your pirate-free days, although I'm sure you'll miss him heaps!

Sarah said...

Great to hear you're having fun - and have the peace of a nice weekend at home to look forward to

susanB said...

What a magnificent landscape you live in!
Happy making-