Thursday, April 8, 2010

camping fun against the odds

Would you believe I managed to go to the coast with a flat battery in my camera? I remembered everything else (except milk!) . It was very disappointing not to be able to record the events like:

5 people on airbeds in a smallish tent
the thrill of a fire all our own
two days and three nights of frequent rain showers and a flooding campsite
half the campsite kids playing the the back of my hatchback car
the skull and crossbones drawn in the inside lining of the car
the most amazing treasure maps every drawn
homemade pirate flags hanging from the trees
a mummified sea dragon found on the beach
a vodka bottle found complete with shells attached, and vodka inside still!
lace monitors wandering slowly around
possums running through the tent
illness and lemon and honey drinks
disintegrating camping chairs (not just one)
knitting and reading
and the best coffee on the site thanks to my atomic, the most essential camping item of all

Against many odds we had the most wonderful camping break.


Michelle said...

Bugger about the flat camera battery (and the milk) but hooray for fabulous weekends, wet or dry, pirated or not, with or without wildlife.

Gina said...

Oh wow. I (almost) want to go camping now. Helps that we too have an atomic- I didn't realise it would be good for camping, but of course. You're a genius.

nettie said...

Camera, bah! My imagination raced along with your descriptions. Sounds wonderful (apart from the illness and honey bit). Sometimes it's just the company you keep that makes holidays so great.

Bells said...

your coffee maker just looks like such a well loved/used implement. I saw it and imagined many years of happy coffee drinking!

Sarah said...

Sometimes I think I have the clearest images in my head of things I couldn't or didn't take a picture of - glad it was a fab trip