Wednesday, March 3, 2010

taking the worry away

Someone I care about has been going though some big life changes.

I wanted to make her a little something but hadn't quite decided what when this month's mixtape arrived.

and there on page 28 was a pattern for worry dolls. very very cute worry dolls.

and now my friend's troubles are being spirited away by a little worry doll from me.


twitchy fingers said...

That's such a lovely gesture... And so beautifully executed!

Michelle said...

I saw them in my Mixtape and thought it was such a brilliant idea, and there you are, making one already!

I hope the little one works hard at keepin your friend's worries at bay.

Anonymous said...

oh my. It's lovely. I want one! I want to make one!

Sarah said...

Beautiful - what a lovely idea