Sunday, August 2, 2009


Amidst the washing, cleaning and pyjama wearing of a sunny Sunday morning we have a winner of the yarn giveaway.

All care was taken with setting up a sophisticated draw.

The pirate was kind enough to act as the Lottery official.

Congratulations Linda!

Then the first mate wanted to join in the fun.

And so in the spirit of the occasion a mystery consolation prize will go to Dilly Dally too!

This really is very good fun.

Linda and Dilly Dally can you please email your postal address to Have a lovely rest of the weekend everyone.


Anonymous said...

oh wow thank you yay me!! I am so excited to win such a lovely yarn thank you so much xx will email you very soon

Sarah said...

Ooh I'm sorry I missed this but congrats on your 100th post and surviving your deadly encounters!

Sorry the tour knit crashed but with so much else going on it would have been a tall order even with all equipment to hand!

Anonymous said...

Oh thank you first mate. I haven't been keeping up - we thought we'd lost you - are you back? Either way, we're all winners - thanks. Will send email.