Monday, August 3, 2009

tales of seduction, or folly, part 1

they are everywhere


easy to make


I couldn't help myself

I had to try one out

But, I don't wear skirts. I thought I could get past that. I suspect I won't ever wear it out.



Olivia said...

I think it's great! If you really hate wearing skirts, fair enough - but it could just be a matter of getting the proportions right to feel good in it (right skirt length in combination with shoes or boots, and the right top).

Sarah said...

Oh I'm chanting wear it, wear it, wear it in my head :o) V cute - just the sort of thing I hope I'll make someday soon(ish)

dr k said...

oh i like it! i never think to wear skirts but i would wear that! and i like your new header too.

Tania said...

In my book a skirt with a pair of boots is a whole lot more like trousers. That's what I tell myself anyway. Go on! Live on the edge...