Monday, August 24, 2009

the flavour of my day

looks like this
sniff. groan.

But it does give me time to put this together.

I blogged yesterday about the Sydney Stitches and Craft Fair.

see what leapt into my bag?

2 skeins (one in a great scarf starter kit) of Lush Yarn
A couple of pieces of fabric from Ink and Spindle
off cut pack from Surface Art
off cut pack and a couple of cute kiddy tshirts from Sprout Design
a wonderful felt brooch from Dudley Redhead
a couple of cute badges from Shelbyville
gorgeous woollen felt from winterwood

I went over my budget. oops.


Bells said...

so glad I didn't go! Way too much temptation I don't need right now.

Get well soon!

Rose Red said...

Nice haul! Like Bells, I didn't attend either - because I knew I'd blow the meagre budget if I did! Nice that I can live vicariously!

Michelle said...

Oh you poor thing! Get better soon!

Nice haul - I'll have to check out the Surface Art website!! And the Winterwood felt - isn't it the most amazing stuff?

Dudley Redhead said...

hi -thanks for supporting handmade - what a great stash! glad you enjoyed the Show + brooch! it sure was exhausting.. nice to meet you

Sarah said...

Hope you feel better soon - can't wait to see your makes from that lovely haul