Sunday, August 23, 2009

Not sure where to begin

I went to Sydney this weekend - a visit to the Stitches and Craft show dovetailed nicely with handing on some extra children I have been responsible for for a few days -and visiting my sister.

I was at that show for 6 hours! (you can tell I was without the pirate)

I was so completely shattered by the end and even champagne could not revive me.

The good news is it was nice to see some wonderful fabrics in the flesh and some clever crafty people flogging their wares. But, it was a very disappointing turn out for the knitters - only 1 stall selling yummy yarn not available at one of the local shops.

They did have these great drop in spaces where you could learn a skill or just join in. I knitted a cup cosy thingy at the knitting drop in and had a lovely chat to some ladies from the knitters guild. The cup cosy was great timing as my sister has those latte cups that will burn your skin clean off if you don't have a buffer of some type, as I discovered that morning. Knitted cup thingys are so much more sexy than a paper towel.

But the most fun was meeting the famous ric rac , having a big belly laugh in her talk on blogging, and getting up close with those cute bots. Jodie had some notes up for the talk and I could see the name of my wee blog up on them. Big breath......Eek, - I really hoped this would turn out to be a good thing, wondering what on earth she was going to say. And it was in the context of a community you meet through blogging and how complete strangers can be supportive - so all good, and fun. And don't we all love a bit of good attention? So thank you Jodie - you made my day, and I promise to do a post on my avatar to put it into context and show it is not me wearing scary scary make up!

I came home with a cold, less money in the bank - and some things to show off next time.


Sarah said...

Sounds like an inspiring time :)

Jodie said...

It was hysterical !!! I think I shall employ you as the person I plant in the was so great to meet you in real life, and such a fun day !

Michelle said...

That Jodie is a real trouble maker, I tell you. Watch her, or she'll have you ROFLPYP before you know it!

Glad you had such a great time! Can't wait to see what you bought!