Tuesday, August 25, 2009


I am home sick and have a laptop nearby. I don't know about you but for me it is dangerous. I can spend hours browsing blogs and following links to websites that sell yarn and fleece and fabric and patterns and books and sewing supplies, and don't even get me started on etsy!

Fortunately for my bank balance my birthday swap gifts are still arriving - and are a good reminder that I do.not.need. more yarn, fleece.....

I signed up for this swap because not one of my close friends get the knitting/making thing - they just don't do it. I go green with envy when I read those posts with photos of knitters getting mountains of magical yarn as presents.

This has been my favourite swap because it is nice to treat someone and the expectations are manageable. I don't need to get carried away trying to keep to budget with gadgets, yarn and chocolate. It is definitely one I will sign up for next year - cause look what happens when you have a birthday. Thank you for this wonderful one Chelle.


Olivia said...

Nice loot! I hope you are feeling better soon.

Michelle said...

Oh no! Still sick? Do I need to come by with an emergency delivery of tiffin?

Beautiful yarn! I can understand the appeal of birthday swaps!

Jodie said...

Oh Dear, home sick with internet access can do a lot of damage to the budget.

Sarah said...

Nice pressies :o)

I am, like you, home sick and on a laptop, trying to stick to blogs and no purchasing!

Wishing us both better soon!