Friday, July 3, 2009

My toes are so cold all I can think about is wanting a pair of lovely warm handknitted wool socks on my feet right this second. I really do need to knit some for myself and stop giving them as gifts. Last month Dr K convinced me to make Hedera and I have even dyed some green yarn for them. Now I have signed up for the ravelry tour de france knit along and there is no chance I will get started before the end of the month. Poor me!

It is snowing, right this second - not here in Canberra itself but I can see the mountains from my desk, only I can't take a photo because I completely forgot to recharge my battery last night. I did have a friend over for some knitting and red wine which may have something to do with my forgetfulness.

it looks something like this


Leonie said...

Ouch cold toes are just not good! Nice to look at the snow though as long as you don't have to go out in it.

Sarah said...

Could you do the socks for the TDF? Or do you have more daring plans? Cold toes are not an issue here at the moment - it's more the enthusiasm for holding wool in sweaty paws that is the problem!

Kuka said...

oooh pretty photos!!!
It is super chilly today though, isn't it?!
We've spent the day snuggled up inside =)

dr k said...

fantastic photo! what jersey are you knitting for cos you could do the socks for sure, i was thinking of doing some cookie socks out of the new book as my yellow jersey challenge before the yarn for the FLS arrived. oops!

Anna said...

Great photo! Good luck with the TDF knitting!