Wednesday, July 1, 2009

chinese water torture

thank you for all your comments yesterday - it does help. It was a better day today but it's about to get a whole lot worse. Did I mention in my last post that the first mate is moving interstate?

Breathe in pain. Breathe out love.

A drip feed of results from the past couple of weeks of making begins now. For today we have the great fun knitting project for the National Gallery. I went to my stash and dug out all those really bright, awful synthetic I didn't think I would ever find a use for and knitted up a quick and very gaudy strip to wrap round a pole at the entrance - read about it here.

I dropped it off at the Gallery on Monday and did a quick run around the exhibits. Do you know they have a whole wall of old stuffed and knitted toys? - a whole wall! it is part of the soft sculpture exhibition. The pirate and I may head back there this weekend cause there is also a HUGE Darth Vader mask melting into the ground.


dr k said...

oh thats so sad about the first mate. but he will find a new one. and i wish i was in canberra to see all these knitterly goings on!

dr k said...

sorry that sounded insensitive about the first mate and finding a new one... i just meant i know he will be ok because you will make sure he is....ok closing mouth now

Michelle said...

I'm very sad about the first mate moving! And you'll be losing your friends and neighbours too. Doubly sad. And all those lovely pirate/first mate stories you tell. TRIPLY SAD!

I moved town and school when I was the pirate's age, and I have to tell you kids that age are pretty flexible with change. And you know me - anxiety-ridden overthinker, even at that young age. He will be fine. You will be fine too.


Sarah said...

Sorry to hear about your pirate's tough times - sending good thoughts over to you both to get through tough times

Kuka said...

oooh no! maybe you can keep the first mate?? We once hatched a plan to keep the neighbour's cat when they moved away. He loved us - he used to come over to sit in front of the fire with us every night! Anyway, we chickened out! ;o)
That picture of the pirate and the first mate is just gorgeous!

Anna said...

Oh, I do hope your little pirate copes ok with his mate's move.