Sunday, July 5, 2009

beanie weather

I love seeing friends wearing beanies I have made - and like last winter there has been a few requests.

A fisherman's beanie for Scott. Dead easy in Bendigo Rustic 12 ply. It left for a trip to the snow today.

For my sister-in-law a Hawthorne, a pattern selected by her from some ravelry options I put together. This one was not so easy - in fact the most frustrating knit I have done. I went down a needle size and one section of pattern less and it is still large. It was also a pattern that I never really got into the rhythm of and so started to dread working on it. The end result isn't too bad but I glad it is over. Needle size 4 and knitted with cleckeaton country naturals (at least I think it was!).

In fact I don't think I would have finished it if it weren't for the tour de France knitalong starting yesterday. I am making Amelia from Knitty. I know it makes sense to knit socks - thank you Sarah and Dr K, but where is the stress in that? I want to get something really big out of my first knitalong.


dr k said...

oh well if its stress you want in your TdF object, definitely pick something lacy and black :)

Rose Red said...

Amelia is a great pattern. I'm doing a cardigan too. With black yarn - not the best idea for night time knitting, but I'll be glad to have a cardi out of it at the end of the race. Or whenever I actually finish it!

Sarah said...

I'm impressed you went for the challenging option - and that pattern is fab - I missed that the first time around in Knitty

Great beanies - good to have your knitting appreciated