Monday, June 29, 2009

I'll get back to you

this is a very quick post from work because I am stuck in web hell at home. For some reason I can't open the blogger site in my internet connect - it is the only thing I can't open and it is driving me nuts. I have a few F.O. to post and miss catching up with what everyone is up to - if any of you are computer geek enough to help with my little problem I would love to hear from you.

And to top it off my email stopped working 2 weeks ago and after hours trying to work it out yesterday - which included reloading outlook - I can get my emails only by turning off the firewall - which is not at all optimum.

Computers are doing my head in!


Michelle said...

Sorry, I'm a complete dummy when it comes to computers. You've been missed though! If you need to come over and use my computer, just yell. Or turn up.

Sarah said...

Oh bad luck!

I asked my IT savvy beloved and the two suggestions he came up with are 1) changing your internet browser (I changed to Mozilla Firefox because I had problems with Blogger through Internet Explorer - though I could always get it to open)
2) Checking the site hasn't somehow been added to your blocked list on your firewall

Hope you can get it sorted soon!

Sarah said...

Great news - Firefox and Blogger do seem to be better friends than IE and Blogger :o)

dr k said...

it is very disconcerting to be without e-connections isnt it? and then its disconcerting that it should be so disconcerting! hope you get it sorted soon.