Wednesday, June 10, 2009

I am so glad I found you again

long long ago - before I enjoyed knitting - I liked to sew. hell, I even quilted. I made my own clothes and used to make simple bags and the like for christmas presents. Then I sewed less and less. I could find things that fit better and were less risk in the shops - and I couldn't find a fabric to get excited about anywhere. My mother because a fanatical quilter and I liked to keep our points of difference to as many as I could. I stuck to sewing little things in felt for kids and the odd pair of pants for the pirate out of worn out pants of my own, and blinds for my windows, then I kind of stopped all together.

But now that has all changed through blogs. I have discovered a world of wonderful and amazing fabrics out there and what fantastic things people are doing with it. I met some very cool people who sewed things I loved. And though I can be smug about my knitting stocktake I also have to confess that I cannot be so smug about what I have been adding to my fabric stash.

I am making things - and am enjoying it so much. Like this

and this

now I just need to get better at it


Bells said...

Fabulous. I see fabric and think, oh, maybe I will. One day. the fabric is the lure, isn't it?

Michelle said...

Hooray for rediscoveries! Your creations look SO GOOD!

Bec said...

Love the bag - that fabric is great and fabulous choice of button.

I tend to sew more in summer and knit more in winter. I have the problem that I don't have enough space to leave my machine out so it's a drama getting everything done and packed away before the table is needed for homework/drawing/cutting/reading or some other need!!

Anna said...

Your projects look great! It's lovely to rediscover old loves!

Kylie said...

It all looks great - I have been sewing this week too. And funny enough all knitting related LOL!

Kuka said...

ooooh! your needle roll is gorgeous!!
I need to make one of those too! =)

Aeonie said...

These all look great! I look forward to seeing more of your creations. I would love to learn to sew ... it is on the 'to do one day' list!!