Wednesday, June 10, 2009


All swaps are done - I am up to date and so very relieved. I have promised myself I will not sign up for another swap for the rest of the year. Instead I am home with flu and have started two projects.


I have ripped back a simple bit of ribbing 3 times and while a very very simple lace scarf seemed to be going reasonably well, with mistakes I think I can live with, I left it on the lounge and found it later in the middle of the floor - off its needles

I am going to have a lie down


Olivia said...

Oh dear. Did an animal friend have a hand in that?

Leonie said...

Bugger. Recoverable?

Sarah said...

Oh dear - hope you and your knitting feel better soon!

Michelle said...

Damn, damn, damn!

Yes, I think a lie down is more than justified!

By the way, yesterday I saw a skein of Vincent's Apron with a Wasabi Squeeze label on it. At the Suah Durrant stall at Darling Harbour. So that what you have in your possession, I'd wager.