Monday, June 8, 2009


It is that time of year when we are surrounded by stocktake sales. It must be time for a little stash stocktake of my own.

5 skeins of undyed knittery yarn
1 ball jo sharp tweed
4 bags fibre for spinning
2 skeins of handspun from the Canberra Spinners and weavers show
1 skein of orange yarn from a swap and some small embellishment balls
1 set of knitpick harmony interchangeables
1 ball of bendigo rustic
1 skein of jitterbug
I skein noro
2 balls of bamboo

1 ball of handpun - gifted knit
2 balls of noro - gifted knits
1 ball jo sharp tweed - gifted knit
3 balls of bendigo - knitted, felted and gifted
7 skeins of malabrigo - knitted up into flair
1 skein of jitterbug - knitted and gifted
2 skeins of mama lush - knitted and gifted
1 ball of bendy rustic - knitted and gifted
2 skeins handdyed orange - swap and gift
1 skein handdyed green - knitted up for swap
1 skein noro - swap
1 skein handdyed green - swap
2 skeins handdyed - swap
2 balls bamboo - swap

More heading out than coming in is good - feeling smug, me?

I do think it is about time I slowed up on the swaps and made a couple of things fit for a sprout.


Michelle said...

I'll tell you what - you certainly have knitted a lot lately!

Your 'ins' sound intriguing!

Bells said...

what a huge output! Well done! I agree on teh swaps. They can be fun but they do take a lot of time.

Sarah said...

Well done smug one :)