Friday, May 22, 2009

one is never enough

I have a wee problem.

I have been knitting socks for a friend for her birthday. I have one finished and am about to start the second. It has gone rather slowly.

The problem is that her birthday is today and the dinner is tonight.
Any suggestions for a really cute way to present one sock only with a promise of the other on its way?


Michelle said...

Pin a swing tag on the one sock, with "I O U the other one too" on it!

And then take the sock back just in case you need it for comparison, length, etc.

It's beaut sock! Lovely colour.

Olivia said...

Is it your own design? I love the cable. Yes michelle's right, take it back again while knitting the mate, or you might regret it!

dr k said...

hehe funny you should ask. i did exactly as michelle says this christmas, i gifted two incomplete socks with IOUs attached. i let the persons keep their singles (some people even made a story about it, see but remember to keep notes on what you did. that is a really beautiful sock by the way!!

Sarah said...

Oh yes the IOU tag route has been used by me too - beautiful sock

Rose Red said...

another vote for the IOU - great sock! Your friend is very lucky!