Saturday, May 23, 2009

if it isn't one thing

Thank you for the suggestions on the lone sock - I gave my friend the gift with a tag and let her stroke the sock briefly before telling her the bad news that not only had I been able to give her only one sock - but that she had to hand that one sock back. I decided to make sure she had something to keep though. Meet Bernice.

Poor Bernice is a little wonky because her birth was a busy affair - carried around the house while dinner was being prepared, baths done, and children (somehow I ended up with 3) attended to - a stitch made here, a stitch there, and all within an hour of leaving for the birthday dinner. I am not particularly good at forward planning, yes really.

I have a new problem though. My suspicion that a skein of Colinette jitterbug was not quite enough for a pair of socks like these was confirmed by the all knowing knitting guru at a wonderful Brown Owls get together this afternoon.

In anticipation of this yesterday I did put out a plea on Ravelry and wrote to a couple of people with this in their stash. So far nothing. Plan B is for mismatched socks with the second to have a contrasting heel and toe. I may do this to the toe of the first at least in the pretence of consistency.

I am going to put it out here too - I need about 20g of Jitterbug in Wasabi Squeeze. Anyone? Anyone?????


Bells said...

hmm...this jitterbug shortage is concerning. Some socks seem so hungry. fingers crossed I get through my own with enough. Eek. Hope you get some of the wasabi squeeze. Be patient, or stalk people. I've been known to approach people on Rav directly!

Anonymous said...

h, I love your little Bernice! I don't have any of that yarn, but good luck - I do hope you come across some!

dr k said...

i always make my jitterbug socks shorter in the leg than recommended to account for the alleged short yardage, but having said that both times i have been left with plenty! not that that helps you, but no wasabi squeeze here sorry... i would look into bells' idea probably. good luck!

Bec said...

No wasabi squeeze here but sending you lots of good vibes being sent your way so you can finish the socks!

Leonie said...

Have messaged you via rav. Wasabi squeeze over here, dyelot 162. If you want you can have whatever you need it is currently sitting in "no idea" land.

Aeonie said...

Love the little owl. Very cute! Good luck with the completion of your socks.

Kuka said...

oooh good luck!
Bernice is CUTE! =)

Sarah said...

I'm sworn off Jbug now because of the wretched yardage issues - curse them and their beautiful colours!

Love the owl :o)

Michelle said...

I have two skeins of different coloured Jitterbug (no Wasabi Squeeze - sorry!) and no idea what to do with them. There is no way I would be able to make a pair - even a very short pair - of crochet socks with my size 11 feet.

Hope you can find some!

Bernice is very cute! The wonky makes her cuter.