Wednesday, May 20, 2009

copy cat

I have long enjoyed Rose Red's posts on shoes. I love a pair of shoes - and especially a quirky pair of shoes. I have considered posting on my shoes too - but that was being too much of a copy cat. I can hold back no longer because she just speaks to me, you know?

so like rose red I recently went on holidays. There are few holidays I return from without shoes. Shoes bought on holidays are momentos of the trip - and much better than a photo. Enter the latest - bought at Schmutters in Eumundi, Queensland.

The colour in the second pic is closer to the real thing. I think the camera was thrown by the over abundance of red in my lounge room.

Now I have been thinking of a sock to go with these also - something not too chunky, not too garish, not too pretty - something just right.

photos from Rav - KarenK, Sockenanja and Manisha
and I am thinking Green - a very close green to the middle one. A semi solid.
Now as people were so helpful in the choice of wrap (which I ended up not having enough yarn for sadly and am putting it off till I do) what are the suggestions on the perfect sock and the perfect yarn??


Bells said...

Oh I think RoseRed will be most flatterd by the imitation. She loves a good Shoesday post. As do I. They are FUNKY!

Rose Red said...

heh, what Bells said! I love a good shoe post! These are great shoes, I would've found it very had to pass these by!

And all the sock choices are great!!

dr k said...

fantastic shoes, and green would go great. i am thinking something from cookie a, for some reason, like hederas maybe. no idea why, just cos i like 'em!

Michelle said...

No idea on sock pattern and yarn, but YUM on the shoes!!

Sarah said...

Gorgeous shoes - and with green socks - fab! I reckon the spring forward pattern from Knitty would be lovely - and my favourite sock yarns are either Shibui for a pure merino or the Lana Grossa cotton blends :o)

Olivia said...

Ooh, they're great - a nice sandall-y twist on the standard Mary Jane.

Claire (ethel loves fred) said...

I love your shoes, i've a thing for red shoes (and brown boots)! I've just won a pair of brown boots on e-bay - think I'll post the pic on my blog while I wait for them to arrive!!