Tuesday, April 28, 2009

holiday snaps

We are back to the usual routine all too soon. It is always too soon isn't it?
We did have a lovely holiday - visits to grandparents, friends and old haunts. Cocktails and squid on the beachfront at Noosa, finding enormous worms in the garden and some daredevil driveway rafting.

Grandma has a tin of buttons which belonged to her mother. I was a treasure chest for both a button fiend like me and the pirate.
They began to find their true form during a relaxing second week at the south coast...

and for the first time, I do believe, I managed to both start and finish a project in one break.

The details:

Taters cotton cardi. Free Ravelry pattern.

Made for Cousin Edie in Size 2

Yarn: Mama llama squish in Cowgirl. A mix of cashmere and merino. It is so so soft and is about a 5 ply. I have to say though that it is best not to knit with it whilst wearing black.

I would have added a photo of the lovely Cousin Edie wearing it if only she hadn't refused to put it on.

There was more making going on - but this I will save for another day.

The holiday was nicely polished off for the pirate with a visit to the powerhouse in Sydney to see... THE Star Wars exhibition. Oh such bliss for a 5 year old.

And now we are back to cold, snow capped hills and our little home - bliss for a sprout.


Rose Red said...

nice! sounds like a great holiday. Like the button box, and button crafting too!

Maybe Edie will put on her lovely cardi soon! Hope so!

Michelle said...

I love the button photos - so cheery and bright. They just don't make buttons like that anymore, do they?

Our next door 6 year old went to the Star Wars exhibition, and he was pretend-lightsabering around the neighbourhood for the next month. You've been warned ;-)

kms said...

lovely buttons, lovely jacket! ah star wars.... so cute!

Claire (ethel loves fred) said...

Nice one! The buttons are great, as is the green cardi!