Sunday, April 19, 2009

honey, I love you

We are home and the pirate and first mate are reunited. Oh such happiness.
They have been together since 8am, moving between each house (I wonder at our good fortune having this wonderful family just across the street). Now they are playing on the tyre swing in our backyard. One is on the swing while the other winds it as high as they can - they are hoping to wind it high enough to see over the house.
This was the conversation while this went on.

'when are we going to see paint world?'
'Paintworld is so cool' (we have no paint world around here)
'Hey, we are both the dads going to paintworld'
'yes and you say "when are we going to be at paint world, honey?", I am called honey cause I like honey'
'and I am called vegemite cause I like vegemite'
'so when are we going to be there honey?'
'just a little while now vegemite'


Leonie said...

Oh how gorgeous!!

twitchy fingers said...

That is priceless. I love the banter of little people. And by their logic I should be called 'lime marmalade'...

kms said...

funny cute boys! i would be vegemite too :)

With a Q said...

Reminds me of a story my dad tells. He was a school teacher and at the start of each year would call the roll and get family particulars from the kids (before all that privacy crap!) He asked one kid what mums name was, and he knew she was Sally. When asked what dad's name was, he said he didn't know. My dad asked "what does mum call him?" to which the child answered, "Darling."

Michelle said...

You could write a book with stories like these! Funny little boys!! Aren't you lucky having them in your life.