Thursday, May 7, 2009

old tins

There is nothing quite like coming home to a brown package wrapped parcel on your doorstep.

My mum has been amused by my button love and promised a surprise. These are not hers, in fact she hadn't even been born when some of this was collected, they are from a shed my dad cleared out years ago as a favour to someone - wasn't it clever of him to not throw them out?

I thought both tins might contain buttons - but the second tin was altogether different treasure.

The pirate was as excited as I - he found all manner of glittering jewels and a key which fits into the key hole of his treasure chest perfectly. He loves that key. So much so he woke me at 2am to tell me he had gone to sleep with it in his hand and had lost it and needed to find it. now.
My love of button tins and small red headed pirates knows no bounds.

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