Saturday, November 29, 2008


I have been meaning to share this for a little while, but time got away.
It is the progress report from the dyeing workshop a few of us attended.

There we created some colour magic.
we waited to see how it came out.
sadly, it came out a little less than magical for me.

I came home and worked a little more magic with the dye I picked up.

this is my first spell..

it is nice- but I am not one for pastels or too much variation in colour and this had to much of both, which meant no magic.

I was sure something else was possible.

I mixed some colours and waited - the very, very hardest part was waiting a day to rinse it out and see what had happened.

I think it is quite a sweet result - stronger red and orange. My two favourite colours. The green was done away with altogether. Oh, I do love green but it just wasn't doing it for me here.


The undyed yarn is the knittery's cashmere merino fingerling. It is very beautiful.


Bells said...

oh nice work! I think you did rather well! Magical.

kms said...

scrummy reds, hmmm mmmm.....