Sunday, November 30, 2008


Tonight, in moment, I will finish the first pair of socks I have made to give to someone. This was them recently. I need better light to take them now.

It is the birthday of one of my favourite women this week.

She is the person who jumped on a plane, flew 1500kms and turned up in my hospital room on day 2, of what turned out to be my 60+ day stay, with the most stunning orange mohair, a pair of needles, and words from her mum - 'mum said I should teach you to knit'. Mum is a wise retired nurse - she knows about hospitals, and thankfully knitting.

My friend had to be taught to be able to teach me. I kept going - she hopes to get back to it one day. And the best part is this is someone who really appreciates a handmade/knitted gift. You will understand how wonderful it is to make something for someone who loves it and gets the thought and time that goes into such a thing. I can't wait to give them to her.

I have finished them while watching the delightful Irish film, Once. On impulse I bought the dvd the other day - hoping it would be worth the money and space on the bookshelf. It has turned out to be the loveliest film I have seen in a long time and I am glad to have the promise that is there to see it over and over if just to listen to the wonderful music and watch those Dublin scenes.
And it stars a redhead, how cool is that. Both the pirate and myself are redheads so I say bring it on!

and now I am off to watch another bit of film- a Youtube tutorial on how to graft a toe. I haven't yet figured out how to do this magic trick of finishing off a sock without substantial support. Thank goodness for Youtube. It has got me through many a knitting challenge.


Michelle said...

I just love those socks. Can't wait to see them all finished.

I agree - Once is a fantastic movie. I saw it at the cinema and we loved it so much we went downstairs and bought the CD straight away. Now we have the DVD on high rotation. And hooray for redheads! I married one, and a large proportion of my family have red hair. If we'd ever had kids, they would most probably have been redheads too.

Leonie said...

If you haven't already done it (the toe grafting thing) you might want to consider the knitting kitchener stitch. The method is on Techknitter and the link is
it was the first method I ever tried and you just knit it, oh so easy!! Good Luck.

Bells said...

I love that film! It's my rainy day comfort film and the music is on high rotation on my ipod. Love love love it!

Yay for socks - and gifted socks for someone who will really appreciate them is just the best.