Tuesday, November 25, 2008


I should be disappointed that I went to the beach and it rained,

almost all weekend,
it was soggy, and cold, and windy.

Oh my lordy it was magnificent.
We had to just hang out, with an open fire and a view to die for.

We got busy.
First was the sailing of the pirate ship

and then some making of decorations. Thank you Claire for the inspiration.

some drawing (yep that is yoda, with walking stick and a green lightsaber)

we found some folding binoculars in the beach house - they were only good for looking at the other side of the table - but they were very pretty

and of course some knitting - I know you are waiting for it!

some fetchings - for a christmas present. So so easy

and a couple of these fell off the needles whilst watching Star Wars. The real first Star Wars.

This one was a bit big for a cup - it became keen on a small plunger and refused to come home. Thank you Rose Red for the idea.

and when the sun came out for a short while yoda went to the beach

complete with green gloves and a walking stick.


Sarah said...

What a fabulous weekend, the beach is a favourite place for me whatever the weather. Love the green of the Fetchings (and of Yoda's walking stick!)

Claire (ethel loves fred) said...

Looks like my kind of weekend, love the binocs!

And the deccies look great too, so many options, love the extra little dangly bits! i've been putting beads on the ends of some too, just for the added shine on the tree!

ashley said...

i love a rainy week-end~ perfect excuse to get cozy and comfy:)
adore yoda too!
x ashley

Bells said...

Lovely weekend, some gorgeous photos there. My favourite is the Pirate on the bush track.

Fetchings are fun, huh?

Rose Red said...

that is a most excellent idea for a plunger cosy - I am totally copying that idea!

And that picture of Yoda is clearly inspired!

kms said...

sounds like a perfect weekend really. mmm lovely the fetchings are...