Monday, November 17, 2008

I am not doing the best job

of the Southern Summer of Socks. I got this far-

but then I read this post about christmas knitting and making. I need to get on with christmas things, right now. These are not christmas knitting.

I didn't like christmas until recently. I like it now because...

it no longer involves huge extended family I don't really like
it does involve family I do really like
it involves little kids
it is always open to drop ins - and there is usually at least one
it means great seafood
and pudding
and champagne
and I get to give people presents

This year is particularly special for the pirate and I. Back in March my brother and his family moved to Maningrida, an indigenous community in Arnhem Land. Gone were pirate's adored cousins, and losing them has been really, really hard for him. He misses them desperately.

This week we heard they will be back in Canberra for 3 whole weeks over christmas.

There was much cheering - it will be a wonderful, if cramped, christmas at my little house.

So, getting back to the point, christmas is getting closer and it is time for christmas knitting and gift making in earnest. And the worst thing about this?? I can't post what I am doing cause I know some read this blog.

I will only say that I went to Sydney last Friday for a workshop. Through some careful planning I got a lift up and came back on the bus - that is 7 hours of knitting time. Enough time to finish a whole project. A project I can't tell you about.

I can show this though
it is a barber shop in North Sydney - how cool is that ?

And the workshop? There is an amazing organisation in the UK called CABE. They provide leadership in thinking about the built environment and they sustain me when it all gets bogged down in what we can't do rather than the many possibilities One of their directors was here for a week and ran a workshop - A great workshop and 7 hours knitting time - what knitter wouldn't be happy.


Michelle said...

I realised the whole Christmas Crochet thing (I'm only doing washcloths this year) was upon me, yet I.Can't.Stop.The.Sock.

Your Christmas sounds like it will be wonderful!

Bells said...

Oh how lovely that the Pirate's cousins are coming home for a while. I hope it's a really wonderful time.

As for showing gifts that you're knitting, I'm still showing my xmas gifts on the blog, just not saying who they're for!

kms said...

i am not doing so good on the SSS thing either because all my xmas knitting is socks and i cant blog them because some people will figure out who they are for! grrrr. your list about xmas sounds lovely, i am in two minds about it at the moment myself....

Sarah said...

Good luck with the gift knitting - the panic is starting to creep in to my fingers!

Thanks so much for your lovely comment on my last post.

Cycling Knitter said...

hey leah stopped by from the coffee swap
love your blog!1
socks look great but i know what you mean about christmas knitting!!
i have had to put my pojects down and get on with it or they will all be getting an apple!!