Sunday, November 16, 2008

little pieces of magic

I have had the most delightfully domestic of weekends and feel so virtuous. I wish so much I was someone who could live in chaos indefinitely, but it right does my head in after a time. The house is as clean as it gets, the washing is up to date, some of the grass is finally mown, more vegies are planted, I had another go at dyeing wool and even baked a banana and chocolate cake.

In the middle of all of it we took a few hours out to take the pirate and the first mate to Questacon. Questacon, for those of you may not know, is the wonderful national science museum . First stop was Mini Q where I stole a moment, or an hour of moments, to work on some christmas knitting while the boys flew a rocket ship, amongst other things.

Lots of serious counting down.

But the highlight of it all was the wonderful work of Cabaret Mechanical Theatre from London. The show is called Mechanics Alive. It is a gallery full of quirky delight and wit and I left with the biggest smile.

It is on till the end of January. If you are in Canberra go.


Michelle said...

Oh yes, I've been meaning to get to the mechanical theatre! Thanks for the reminder.

I had a blissfully domestic weekend too - the best kind of weekend in my opinion. Glad you had a good weekend too!

kms said...

questacon is so great, even for adults! love it....

Bec said...

I haven't been there for years! Might have to venture down with the kids sometime soon.
Oh and banana and chocolate cake? Sounds delish!

Bells said...

oh thanks for the tip.

I love your comment 'the house is as clean as it gets.' That's about my attitude, in a nutshell.