Sunday, November 9, 2008


I thought I might blog today about the wonderful day yesterday with Helen of Waratah fibres learning new tricks. But, as you may have noticed I am in a swap - my first. Part of the swap is a weekly Sunday post. So I am going to leave the story of yesterday to Bells, who tells it better than I ever could, and post on my swap topic, which is:

This morning I sit here sipping a fresh cup with a bit of cream and some sweetener.. and the first sip makes the morning seem just a bit better than it was before. I love the smell, the warm feel of the cup in my hand, the taste - just everything! What is it that you love about your first cup of the day? Are you a daily drinker? How do you take yours? Tell us how you love to enjoy your first cup!

Now you may want to join in on the posts - cause I know that there are more than a few coffee addicts out there.

For me it depends on whether it is a weekend or a work day on how I enjoy my coffee. I used to make mine at home and take it to work as the coffee in our building's cafe is abominable- but recently I discovered great coffee in the Defence Department building across the road. So now each morning of the working week I stroll for coffee is a great excuse to leave the desk, catch some sun and catch up with work mates on all kinds of random things. I bring my coffee back to my desk and take in the view of the mountains while I enjoy every sip. I planned to put a photo of the view here but I'll be blowed if I can find it, so it is on with the next bit of the tale.

On the weekends it is another story altogether - I have the best coffee maker in the world. I love it to bits - the curves, the size and the utter cleverness of the design. It is called an atomic. Here she is...

Making the coffee is as good as drinking it with this wonderful, if grotty, machine. I usually take it to my deck with the paper, a knitting mag, or a spot of knitting and have 5 minutes to myself.
But today I am planning to daydream about what a good day I had yesterday with a bunch of knitters learning to work a drop spindle and dye yarn. mmmmm.


Bec said...

I can't stand the taste of coffee - absolutely adore the smell but the taste is just not me so my day starts off with a mug of hot choccie ;-)
Oh and I think there are lots of us dreaming of spindles and dye this morning!

nettie said...

I too have a little stroll on a weekday morning to get my coffee. Weekends are another challenge, depending on where I am and what I'm doing. Yesterday on my way to 'spindling and dyeing' I stopped in Goulburn to pick up a very decent coffee at Bryants. Not bad at all. (Lovely to meet you yesterday.)

Michelle said...

I'm still not able to enjoy home made coffee, but I can drink it when it's made in a cafe. Odd, and it's driving me a little bonkers as to why, to be honest. I even bought new coffee last week at Wagonga!

But I am about to have a cup of Pyrex tea, and sit under the elm tree and watch the washing go in circles on the clothes line.

ashley said...

i was just sitting thinking about how lovely my piping hot cuppa from the plunger is tasting and bam~ a coffee post for me to read:)
x ashley

Rose Red said...

*snap* I've got an atomic too - although I don't use it as often as I should! Love the lovely atomic!

Bells said...

that's a very appealing looking gadget!

I'm a tea girl, through and through. I'll have a coffee out and about once in a while, but mostly it just makes me feel kind of ill. This does mean I've never learned to use our coffee machine at home - which annoys my husband but I'm happy to remain ignorant!

Claire (ethel loves fred) said...

We had an atomic coffee maker, but ended up selling it, we needed the money at the time! Have plans to buy an espresso machine, but am happy to support my local cafe till then!!

The paper decs are super easy and so much fun to make - and lots of options, coloured cards, wallpaper etc....

Thanks for the info re the doll, I'd love to see yours if you still have it? Fertility + me = complicated story, happy with one child, would be over the moon if I could concieve again - but don't think it's going to happen, will put this doll on my bedside though - just in case!

Anonymous said...

ooh! They are the old art deco atomic coffee makers...they are fab.. AND sell for over $200 now. so hang on to yours.

Found you from Ethel loves fred and so glad I did. I am a guerilla knitter.. *waves from Sydney*

Amber said...

I love the smell of coffee...i love the feeling it gives when you can smell it in the morning. I never even had a sip of it ...but the smell for me is enough of an experience.
My first time