Thursday, November 6, 2008

another type of creativity

Something has been eating into my knitting time these past few days. It is fun though, if a little performance anxiety inducing.

The local primary school, which the pirate does not go to till next year, has asked me to help out with a design for a community garden and a Stephanie Alexander Kitchen Garden grant application. This wonderful school is the only one in the ACT to put in for one of these grants and has a fantastic plan to involve the community in their gardening endeavours. They already have chooks, compost bins and the start of of a vegetable garden and have put in so much effort with planning and lobbying that they deserve many awards.

So a few meetings and a lot of measuring later I have the first rough draft of the vegetable garden. All 500m2 of it.

Won't it be great? I can't wait till the pirate gets there.


Michelle said...

It will be great! I love that school - looking forward to seeing what they can do with the garden.

Kylie said...

Oh that is fantastic - you have done a great job and what a wonderful idea to get the community involved. Can I ask what school it is (just for future reference - we will be living in Canberra when the kids start school.

Bells said...

oh yes it will be great. I love it. I hope the school gets the grant.