Saturday, November 1, 2008

endings and beginnings

t'was a day of celebrating life and ending it.

My pirate turned 5 yesterday. He is trying very hard to grasp that a birthday goes for the whole day and is not the party, which confusingly is on Sunday. It is one of the many brain teasers that will come his way.

The pirate was born before he was meant to and had a difficult start to life. This is the first thing I ever knitted him. On an apple.
This is the 5 year old.
how amazing is that!
and the life that ended - it isn't too dramatic. I am frogging two projects today. My Charade socks and my upstairs shawl. The socks are just because I don't really like the pattern with this yarn. I am going to try the Knitty pattern Monkey. They look lovely. And the shawl, I have made so many mistakes on the shawl I am beyond fudging the repairs. It is time to start again. This knitting in lace weight yarn is more challenging than I expected.
bye shawl.
and now I have grandparents and aunts about to arrive and really need to vacuum and take my weekly pilgrimage to the markets.


Michelle said...

Happy birthday to The Pirate! Hope the party tomorrow is heaps of fun for everyone.

And have fun at the markets - I went at sparrow's this morning, and got some absolute treasures. Leeton avocados $1 each! I love them.

Bells said...

oh happy birthday to the little guy who started out so small. I hope it's all wonderful for him.

I think you'll love Monkey socks. They were my first real socks after plain ones and I was hooked. There's a reason they're so popular.

Adn well, you know how my lace knitting went this week. Starting over is good. It feels like you've had a good run up. I want a black shawl now!

Bec said...

Happy birthday to your dear little man! My little oneturns 3 tomorrow and trying to explain why she's having a cake on Friday a daycare, Sunday with family and Monday with friends is trying! She doesn't get it at all!

Good luck with v2.0 of the lace. I'm in the middle of a 4ply lace scarf which I'm really enjoying - preparing to tackle the lace weight yarn next.

Drew said...

Good knitting bro.

By the way, there's free shipping at

Georgie said...

Many Happy Returns to the Pirate! (belatedly!). I hope he enjoyed his party. Wow. Five.