Wednesday, October 29, 2008

put that down

Bring together brazen possums, clumsy kangaroos, stealthy kookaburras, mysterious goannas, persistent mosquitos, 7 children and 7 adults and what do you have? why, a camping weekend at Pretty Beach.

The pirate and I love, love, love a camping weekend, especially one with some of our favourite people in the world. We love setting up the tent, we love the cooking, the running around in the dirt, the camp chairs, the wildlife, and the time with friends.

The pirate always is the first to wake - so to avoid waking up everyone we were out of the camp and exploring rock pools on the end of the beach in our pyjamas at 6.30am It was a magic time exploring the rocks with my boy.

I even managed to cast on and finish the band on my next pair of socks, but didn't get as much time to spend on them as I had hoped. It always seems to get busy when we go camping. And the wildlife -the possums woke us many times in the night knocking things over in the campsite and even managed to eat part way through my plastic container trying to get at some food. The kangaroo was surprised checking the place out and managed to knock over and smash my gas lantern. And a very clever kookaburra waited and watched till the snags were finished and off the camp stove before swooping in and steeling one off the plate. Cheeky.
it was all worth it.
and then lucky me -on Monday I got to go down through the alps to Khancoban for a meeting with amazing national parks people from the ACT, NSW and Victoria and stay in a place with the most amazing view, and unfortunately the most outrageous access to hayfever I have experienced in years.

Life can be fine.


Leonie said...

That sounds like such a lovely trip. We are going on our first family camping trip in January and I can't wait. The boys have already had a practice sleep out in the backyard in the tent with their dad a couple of weeks ago and can't wait for more!

Michelle said...

Except for the hayfever, it sounds like you've been having a great old time!

Bells said...

oh yes, life can indeed be fine and I think your recent adventures look just lovely.