Friday, October 24, 2008

a little knitting

I know I haven't posted much about what I have made of late - but I have been trying to get some knitting done with all the other competing things in life, honestly.
I can say I finally finished my first pair of socks.
I did knit a sock once before - years ago up in Pomona Queensland an interesting woman, who was an artist and a knitter and had used knitting to protest logging in Tasmania, set up a sock knitting group at a local cafe once a week - this was our view.
photo from here
nice hey?
all kinds of interesting arty women joined it and I managed to make one sock before I went back to to work and lost the pattern and so never got to complete the other one. It was a very very different kind of sock knitting too. We used 8 ply and made big rugby like socks, and we made them as silly and arty as we could with our limited knitting skills. Here is my one sock

... it is huge and makes a great christmas stocking.
But now I have a grown-up pair of socks

These are my first, though unofficial, socks for the Southern Summer of Socks - I did start them a few weeks ago so they don't quite make it as official. There is a nice bit of red here - which should please someone.
so the specs are: Bex's Luminaire socks (pattern free from The Knittery) using the Knittery's merino sock slim in Bloody Mary. I only used about 2/3 of the 100g skein.
I can't wait to start the next pair now.


Michelle said...

Another Good Red! Beautiful, beautiful socks. I really should investigate Knittery yarn one of these days ... especially with colours like that!

Leonie said...

They are lovely socks, even the Christmas Stocking! I want to make Christmas stockings for my boys but I must admit it had never occurred to me to knit them......

Bells said...

oh they've turned out just marvellously. i'm so glad to see them done!

And two other things - amazing view. And that is one very cool sock, even though you've obviously come a long way since then. he he

Emily said...

Thanks for your comments about my knitting!

Rather loving yours, too, you know (aren't Bex' socks good?) And the juicers look great, v imaginative solution (I like slate in its rightful place, but this isn't that, I agree!)

Anonymous said...

Your new socks are GORGEOUS! Your first sock is....interesting. :) But I bet you had fun knitting it!