Thursday, October 23, 2008

why am I talking about autumn?

Because the swap I am in has a weekly topic for posting, as most swaps do, and because most swaps come from the nothern hemisphere I am writing about autumn today. What do I like most about autumn? It is my favourite season and here are seven random reasons why.......

it is cool without being too hot - great for outdoorsy things
it is still and sunny
the flies go away
there is no hayfever, well not as much
the trees in Canberra turn amazing colours
the hot air balloon festival makes me smile
the gardening is fantastic

and now I can't wait till it is here again. What is there not to like about autumn, honestly?

photo from here


Bells said...

the ONLY thing I don't like about autumn is the end of my summer vegetable growing. But that's it. The rest, as per your list, is magical. It's one of the reasons I stay in Canberra. LOVE that photo!

Michelle said...

And the blue skies!